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Client Testimonials

Kaneka North America


When buying electricity for your business, you are really buying Natural Gas. So deciding who to buy your power from really becomes a question of who knows the Natural Gas market the best.

After meeting Choice Energy Services, it became apparent that they were the most knowledgeable of Natural Gas than the other electricity providers. This was because they broker 54% of natural gas options trades in North America as well as are the provider of a plethora of weather information and services. Having superior market knowledge and inherent information primacy made Choice Energy Services the clear choice as our electricity provider.

Jason Johnson
Raw Materials Purchasing Manager
Kaneka North America, LLC



“ResCare chose to partner with Choice Energy due to their commitment to ensure there was minimal effort on the part of our staff and that the entire process would be easy, efficient, and most importantly, add value. They have delivered on all aspects of their commitment. I am very pleased with our partnership with Choice Energy!”

Michael J Reibel
Chief Business and Technology Services Officer
ResCare, Inc.

At Home


“I would like to express my personal gratitude with all the new store utility setups.  The Choice Energy team has really shown how reliable and prompt they can be and it has not gone unnoticed.

Thanks again for working with us to set up and procure all of our gas and electricity needs swiftly as well as bringing the technological solution of Choice Connect for our data management.”

Russ Wilkerson
Accounts Payable – Utilities
At Home

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