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Are We There Yet?

by Scott Armbruster Are we there yet? …Are we there yet?…I’m Hungry!….Are we there yet? Yes, its vacation season. It’s time to continue the American tradition of hitting the road on long car trips while listening to your kids ask a hundred times…“are we there yet?” This simple, four word question coming from the back […]

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What’s This in My Supply Contract?

by Scott Armbruster What the hell are these terms listed in my electricity supply contract? It lists many different cost components such as: Capacity Performance, FERC 745, Nodal Congestion, Winter Reliability, Transmission Enhancements, Line Losses, Auction Revenue Rights, Material Adverse Change and that’s just half of them. Are these included in my price? Do I need […]

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ERCOT? Sure I’ll Take Some.

By: Scott Armbruster End-users in the ERCOT electricity market have heard for the past year from suppliers, brokers, and consultants alike, that now is the time to buy.  While it was hard to argue not to buy electricity contracts over the past year, it’s even harder to argue today.  Currently in ERCOT, wholesale forward market electricity […]

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