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Need energy for your business?

Choice’s energy consultants offer a wide range of expertise in procurement and sustainability, with expertise spanning all major North American markets and a wide array of energy suppliers and utilities.

Clients are always presented with opportunities of how to gain control over their energy costs because Choice understands the importance of delivering both actionable solutions and financial value whenever possible.

To get the process started, please complete the form below or contact Choice Energy to discuss your energy procurement needs at (713) 358-5400 or

Choice Energy Services Retail, LP is NOT affiliated with Choice Energy (doing business as 4 Choice Energy), a licensed electric supplier providing electric generation services for primarily residential customers and businesses in the Northeast. To contact 4 Choice Energy, please click here.

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After the collection of your information and an initial analysis, Choice will assist you by:

  • Gathering all usage history for power and gas meters
  • Analyzing usage patterns for both consumptions
  • Analyzing current pricing structure and inclusions on current contracts