Kaneka Finds Big Savings In Hidden Utility Sales Tax With Choice Engineering Consulting

Kaneka Finds Big Savings In Hidden Utility Sales Tax With Choice Engineering Consulting

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Engineering Consulting
Strategic Procurement
Utility Data Management
Utility Sales Tax Recovery


Client leverages Choice’s energy market expertise to buy energy at the best prices and get visibility into energy usage in order to reduce costs
Client doesn’t have the time to watch the market every day; Choice helps client take control of costs through proven procurement process that drives bottom-line results and holistic energy efficiency solutions
Actively manage energy across utility data management platform, CESConnect, to find saving opportunities
Client pays high taxes on energy bills when they may easily qualify for full or partial tax exempt status


 Present client with proprietary actionable market information based on client’s specific parameters set through the initial discovery phase
Identify client’s goals and objectives at both the corporate and facility level through a risk questionnaire to guide client through the complex competitive supply market to meet their individual procurement needs
Engage client in CESConnect platform to receive invoice automation, performance tracking & analysis and resource financials
In-house Choice engineer to perform a Predominant Use Study to allow client to become tax exempt; Once tax exemption is identified, engineer walks client through entire tax recovery process


 Help client gain more control over energy pricing, as well as the confidence that comes from longer-term energy contracts
Choice works closely with client to develop a customized energy strategy that reflects the unique needs of client’s portfolio of properties, delivering annual savings of $500K
CESConnect immediately discovers tax exemption status missing for client
Client recovers $2.2M in previously saved taxes and continues to save about $500K annually 

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