Case Study: At Home (October 4, 2017)

At Home Realizes 30 Percent in Budget Reduction by Utilizing Full Suite of Choice Services

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ENERGY STAR Certification
Strategic Procurement
Utility Data Management
Utility Sales Tax Recovery


Client doesn’t have a cohesive buying strategy in competitive market
Lack of understanding of building performance and how to lower operating costs
Client lacks retail supplier accountability combined with a transparent and standardized bid process
Use of Choice’s utility data management platform to centralize and validate data for power, natural gas and other energy bills
Meet increasing system demand, higher costs and the need for an environmentally responsible way of managing peak demand


Develop past and present fundamental, statistical and technical analysis to provide accurate client specific budgets
Conduct building performance assessments to identify opportunities for building improvements
Help client become price setter instead of price taker with visibility into energy markets
Engage customer in utility data management platform, CESConnect, giving access to automated ENERGY STAR reporting
Provide research and analytical support delivering detailed analysis and recommendations to control operational costs and achieve corporate sustainability goals


Develop a cohesive buying strategy for all locations; Forecast budget and growth in advance
Identify savings from operations and maintenance strategies; Client earns prestigious recognition with ENERGY STAR certification
Client purchases future energy needs based on market timing versus contract expiration to control energy costs
Client maintains a detailed, consistent view of its buildings’ energy consumption by relying on CESConnect to give them real-time visibility and actionable strategies for reducing operating costs
Utilize Choice enrollment team to actively evaluate new store openings and guide client through analytical support, cost impacts and rate changes

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