Case Study: Midwestern Senior Living Company (Dec. 5, 2017)

Midwestern Senior Living Company Continues to Save Big by Using an Expert Energy Consultant

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Strategic Procurement for Electricity and Natural Gas
Tariff Rate Analysis
Utility Data Management


Education on basic market operations, opportunities and overall deregulation of energy markets
Review of all regulated locations ensuring that all locations are being served by the correct utility tariff rate
A utility data management solution, inclusive of bill pay services, for all natural gas, electricity, water, sewer and irrigation invoices for all managed facilities


Implement a strategic procurement process
Conduct tariff rate analysis for every location
Introduce a strategic partner, Capturis, to fulfill utility data management services


Midwestern Senior Living company has saved over $380,000 in Electricity and Natural Gas supply spend through Choice’s strategic procurement process by negotiating contracts, securing pricing at market lows and transferring appropriate accounts from utility tariff to third party transport.
By conducting tariff rate analysis for every account, Choice Energy Services switched 30 accounts to alternative utility tariff rates saving an estimated $500,000 in future utility spend.
Choice operates as the account manager on behalf of Midwestern Senior Living company for the Capturis utility data management solution. As the account manager, Choice reviews the exception report on a daily basis to evaluate new accounts, review duplicate invoice, allocate invoices to appropriate site and GL, and evaluate abnormal invoice charges. As a result, Choice Energy Services has identified
and helped reverse more than $75,000 in utility invoice errors.