Choice Energy Services is a full service energy consulting firm. We do not merely focus on procurement, but a full service model that provides optimum savings and value to our clients. Our a la carte programs give client the opportunity to determine which services best fit their needs.

  • Strategic Procurement

    Choice Energy Services is active and licensed in all North American deregulated natural gas and electricity markets. Aligning each client’s specific risk management objectives with strategically focused fundamental and technical market analytics provides our clients with the information and tools needed to make the most informed decisions about their future energy requirements. Choice does much […]

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  • Budgeting & Forecasting

    All energy consultants can report on historical pricing data, but forecasting future pricing accurately is where Choice Energy Services separates itself from the competition. Choice Energy Services’ relationship with OTC Global Holding and EOXLive provides access to more trading data than any other energy consulting firm in the industry. Choice closely monitors this price data […]

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  • CESConnect

    CESConnect is a proprietary online platform that allows customers to manage their energy spend and usage. CESConnect customers can manage all utility invoice data for power, natural gas, water and trash across regulated and deregulated regions from one common platform. CESConnect helps to validate energy efficiency projects, manage EnergyStar reporting, report on performance against budget […]

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  • Risk Management

    Choice Energy Service’s risk management approach is based on risk-appropriate energy cost reduction. As the initial step, Choice takes the time to understand its clients’ energy needs and concerns beyond procurement in order to build an impactful energy strategy that guides its partnership to success. The goal at Choice Energy is to take a big picture approach to […]

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  • Energy Management

    Choice Energy Services provides many services than just basic energy procurement. It is a full-service energy consulting firm providing its clients quantifiable savings and opportunities through a variety of services and analytics that include Tariff Analysis, Regulatory Support, Power Factor Correction, Voltage Upgrade Opportunities and Tax Assessments. Tariff Analytics Each facility, regardless of geographical location, is […]

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  • Sustainability

    Choice Energy Services can assist in its client’s sustainability goals and objectives. Choice Energy Services is able to provide Energy Star reporting through the CESConnect system, assist with Renewable Energy Credit (REC) procurement and aiding the evaluation of onsite renewable solutions where applicable. Knowing the renewable market landscape and identifying the most advantageous path to […]

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