Develop Data-Driven Budgets

Choice Energy Services offers clients the ability to fully customize the budget and forecasting process. Each customer is unique and so are their budget and forecasting needs. Having the ability to control the process across all energy markets both deregulated and regulated from the onset will result in the creation of a useful customer specific budget forecast. Choice Energy Services’ team of analysts relies on past and present fundamental, statistical and technical analysis to provide accurate customer specific budgets. Utilizing the relationship with OTC Global Holdings and EOXLive, Choice Energy Services has timely unmatched access to accurate and consistent market data, truly setting ourselves from the competition.


Choice Energy Services develops account specific budgets available for all energy commodities based on our client’s unique reporting requirements. Their budgets accurately project utility cost components, open energy commodity positions and tracks hedge contracts to provide clients with a highly-detailed and accurate energy forecast. In addition, Choice continuously monitors potential regulatory or tax changes that may impact an account and applying these considerations into the budgeting process.

Choice’s layered budgeting approach allows multi-site clients the functionality to dive into their budget anywhere from the detailed account level, up through the site, division and corporate level reporting. Each customer can determine and define their required level of reporting through multiple levels of reporting.


Market Forecasting

The NYMEX Henry Hub plays a significant role influencing price for both the natural gas and electricity commodity markets. The Risk Management team at Choice Energy Services closely monitors the NYMEX forward curve; evaluating both the technical and fundamental market factors. Choice delivers all pertinent information regarding the NYMEX forward market. Choice has a proven track record in identifying market behavior and mitigating risk for our clients. These forecasts are used by clients to develop accurate energy budgets, setting clear procurement objectives and protecting themselves from volatility in the market.

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