Energy Management

Choice Energy Services provides many services than just basic energy procurement. It is a full-service energy management company providing clients quantifiable savings and opportunities through a variety of services and analytics that include Tariff Analysis, Regulatory Support, Power Factor Correction, Voltage Upgrade Opportunities and Tax Assessments.

Tariff Analytics

Each facility, regardless of geographical location, is served by a local distribution utility; and accurately navigating the delivery and supply options as they change is an important part of any successful energy management solution. Understanding each facility’s unique usage profile and how it impacts cost through the utility tariff can result in significant cost impacts. Choice Energy Services has the experience to dissect and breakdown complex tariff language projecting future tariff costs and recommending facility specific actions to ensure clients minimize financial exposure to the utility companies.

Regulatory Support

Choice Energy Services’ energy experts serve as the back office support for clients. Choice provides the research and analytical support for each facility delivering detailed analysis and recommendations following applicable federal and local regulatory filings. Choice guides clients through the ever-changing energy landscape whether  through analytical support, calculating cost impacts or deciding to intervene in rate cases.

Power Factor Correction

Choice Energy Services can help identify accounts being penalized due to power factor performance. Upon identification, Choice will quantify the financial benefit of the correction and recommend a course of action.

Transmission/Voltage Opportunity

Choice’s analysts can identify and recommend opportunities for receiving discounted electricity from the distribution utility through infrastructure ownership. Any recommendation would provide a full break-even analysis by recognizing the impact of capital expenses compared to the identified cost savings of the project.

Tax Assessments

Manufacturing companies across the United States are paying state taxes on their energy bills when they may easily qualify for full or partial tax exempt status. A Predominant Use Study from Choice Energy Services could allow a company to become tax exempt, which could eliminate nearly 10% of a company’s electricity and natural gas expenses.

Once tax exemption is identified, Choice Energy Services walks clients through the entire process. A Tax Exemption Certificate will be provided by the state and delivered to the utility and/or third party supplier to halt collection of taxes. Additionally, most states allow a refund of the past sales tax paid for up to 48 months.