Invoice Collection and Control

Invoice collection and control allows your company to streamline the process by eliminating errors, reducing energy costs, and consolidating bills.

The Choice! invoice collection process provides unlimited access to your bills, allowing your company to reduce late fees, analyze data, and make informed decisions. Whether your decision involves one location or multiple, your data can be sorted by location, meter number, rate code, or viewed in its entirety.


Invoice Collection

  • Mail Handling
  • Scanning of Bills
  • Data Entry
  • Shutoff Prevention

Data Management

  • Quality Control
  • Bill Verification
  • Normalization
  • Meter Number and Rate Code Management

Payment Management

  • ACH
  • Checks
  • Vendor Management
  • Application
  • Consolidation
  • Accuracy

Information Analytics

  • Data Feed
  • Web Analytics
  • Process Reporting
  • Performance Reporting