Procurement Process

Energy Procurement and Process Methodology

It is a common misconception that the best approach for energy procurement is by acquiring it directly from a utility or retail electric provider (REP). With high levels of volatility and a convoluted marketplace, this approach is no longer a valid way to manage energy costs. At Choice!, we take a full consultative approach to your company and tailor a custom solution to fit your companies goals and objectives for procurement and throughout the life of your contract.

Initiate Project and Establish Project Goals

  • Every company has a unique set of needs. Before initiating a project, Choice! Energy consultants will inquire about your company & its facilities, and discover the challenges you face on a daily basis as well as your budget and its constraints. This will allow Choice! to establish a set of goals and objectives

Data Accumulation and Analysis

  • Choice! Energy accumulates historical data to understand the energy profile of your business facilities. This gives us the ability to forecast what the energy usage may look like in the future
  • Choice! Energy consultants will analyze this data extensively to determine which product best fits the needs of your business

Request for Proposal Process / Pricing Solicitation

  • Hundreds of retail electricity providers (REPs) operate in the U.S., yet Choice! Energy works with a select few. Our partner REPs have gone through a rigorous vetting process by our legal counsel in major key areas including – customer service, billing accuracy, credit and financial strength, pricing, and clean contract language.
  • After evaluation of the data and determination of which product would work best for our predetermined budget and load constraints, Choice! will approach the REPs that will meet the specified criteria on your behalf

Pricing Proposal Analysis

  • Multiple sets of energy pricing will be evaluated and the top three will be placed in Choice!’s custom pricing spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will show you an apples to apples comparison of your current rate versus the new bids while projecting the potential energy savings you could expect to receive by working with Choice!

Contract Review and Negotiation

  • Choice sends business opportunities to our partner REPs on a daily basis. This creates leverage that can be used to negotiate favorable contract terms for our customers. On top of that, the competition amongst different REPs ensures the customer receives the most competitive electricity and natural gas rates available. Even if you company faces budget or credit restraints, we can help you find a solution

Contract Execution and Price Establishment

  • Once you are comfortable with the REP, product selected, price, contract terms, and budget forecasted, a contract will be drafted and sent to you for final review. Following receipt of the signed contract, Choice! will execute it on your company’s behalf

Ongoing Contract Maintenance and Market Monitoring

  • The executed contract is just the beginning of the relationship with Choice! Energy Services. Over the duration of our partnership we will work with you on all aspects of your energy needs to provide you with the greatest value for your energy spend. Through data management and meticulous monitoring of usage and invoices, Choice! will apply its wide array of products, services, and unprecedented market intelligence to ensure our clients achieve a desirable ROI throughout the duration of the contract

With Choice! you will receive the highest standard of customer care for the  duration of your contract. Choice! will work with you to further improve your company’s energy usage and pricing, all the while achieving the goals and objectives developed at the onset of our relationship.