Strategic Procurement

Reduce Energy Costs

Get the best price on electricity, natural gas and beyond

Choice Energy Services is active and licensed in all North American deregulated natural gas and electricity markets. Aligning each client’s specific risk management objectives with strategically focused fundamental and technical market analytics provides our clients with the information and tools needed to make the most informed decisions about their future energy requirements. Choice does much more than get supplier pricing. Utilizing its company’s unique market position and relationship with OTC Global Holdings, Choice is able to empower clients to be price setters by ensuring price transparency into each market. This unique market advantage ensures its clients are aligned with the best retail supplier at the best price for their business.


What is Strategic Procurement?

  • Purchasing based on the market and not just when a contract nears expiration.
  • Becoming a price setter instead of a price taker.
  • With Choice Energy’s education and guidance, creating and managing a focused, risk management strategy specific to you and your facility’s needs.
  • Allowing Choice to use its OTC Global Holdings affiliation to work for you by receiving price transparency across the retail energy spectrum.


Gas, Power & Beyond

Choice Energy Services provides strategic procurement consulting services for electricity, natural gas and heating fuels. Our dedicated market experts at Choice! continuously follow the markets, closely evaluating the contributing fundamental and technical factors impacting price.


Every state within the United States and each province in Canada are open to natural gas third party supply (see the deregulated map in the Resources Tab). Within each state or province, utilities have different rules and requirements affecting a customer’s eligibility for participation in the third party supply market. Since 2002, Choice Energy Services has worked with every large natural gas utility in the United States and Canada; and as a result, possesses an understanding of each utility’s unique requirements. The Choice team continuously evaluates each market area to ensure each of its clients are receiving the best pricing while meeting their needs and risk profile.


Multiple states throughout the United States and two provinces in Canada are deregulated or partially deregulated for electricity (see the deregulated map in the Resources Tab). Each deregulated market is in itself unique, with each Independent System Operator (ISO) possessing its own mix of input fuels. As a result, Choice is continuously monitoring the fundamental and technical factors influencing the wholesale markets in each area across the country. Choice Energy Services understands each client’s specific load profile and its impact on delivered pricing, utilizing this knowledge to obtain pricing that meets the facility-specific needs and risk profile.



Choice Energy Services’ expertise is not limited to electricity and natural gas. They provide these same in-depth strategic procurement services for Propane, Heating Oils (#2, #4) and Diesel.

Strategic Procurement Process

Choice Energy Services leads its clients through the entire procurement process; from identification of the opportunity, through the bid process, to contract negotiation and execution. Every step of the way, Choice’s team will provide the tools its clients need to make the most informed decision.

Their focus is and will remain to be strategic in the procurement process. Choice does not wait until contract expiration to begin the procurement process. They closely monitor the forward markets to ensure the proper time to start the procurement process, allowing clients to be price setters and NOT price takers.


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